Tuesday, July 23, 2013

កែវ សារ់ាត - Keo Savath CD Vol 01

Keo Sarath Song Collection CD Vol 01
File: 10 Track
Size: 27 MB
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Track List:

01.Sronos Dei Khmer (Keo Sarath).mp3
02.Pisak Derm Chhnam (Keo Sarath).mp3
03.Moha Sronos (Keo Sarath).mp3
04.Lea Heiy Paris (Keo Sarath).mp3
05.Soriya-Kong-prey Keo Sarath).mp3
06.Bandam Tam Khchol (Keo Sarath).mp3
07.Bong Snah Tae Dyna (Keo Sarath).mp3
08.Yerng Sang Snae Pit (Keo Sarath).mp3
09.Cham Chuob Cheat Kroy (Keo Sarath).mp3
10.Khnong Phnom Ahnuk Savry (keo Sarath).mp3

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